•      Strategos Consulting LLC.

    Strategos Consulting was established in 2008 to identify and ultimately provide usable technological solutions to the United States Government and its partners in the Global War on Terror. The company is focused on finding and mentoring niche technologies, and provides guidance, direction, and potentially capital to help new technologies reach a level of maturity necessary to respond to mission needs.


    Companies (no matter small, medium or large) who are forced to navigate the federal procurement process often find it to be an excruciating experience, with an endless number of well-intentioned regulations that either compel them out of the running or load them up on endless amounts of red tape. There are many companies, that offer a solution to this, but few have that understand the effort is well beyond a written proposal; that 85% of the endeavor is articulating the capability, matching it to requirement, introducing it to the customer/s, and most importantly portraying the company as a resource.


    Our clients present us with no simple tasks. Instead, they typically challenge us with projects that include high levels of uncertainty and few obvious answers. Yet the impact of this work often makes possible either the success of existing organizations or the creation of entirely new ones. Our approach is to consider the problems from a holistic view, with a variety of analytical angles, present a range of options, and ultimately recommend the path the client should follow. In business, as in the military, strategy bridges the gap between policy and tactics. Together, strategy and tactics bridge the gap between ends and means; however, strategy without implementation is a promise unfulfilled. As result, our mission includes ensuring that our clients internalize the strategies we develop and fully realize their potential by putting them into practice.


    At Strategos we remain by your side throughout this process leveraging our vast network throughout government, industry and academia to ensure our clients technology, and the capability it provides is internalized by the customer as resource and potential solution to both todays requirements and tomorrows challenges.

  •      Strategos Training Services

    In 2009, we created Strategos Training, a professional training company focused on providing education and training to United States military personnel, international security personnel and commercial industry focused on the maritime environment, technology, and strategic planning. Strategos Training specializes in training analysis, training plan development, curriculum development and execution of training requirements. Strategos offers basic and advanced training to United States Navy Special Boat Teams, law enforcement, security personnel and military professionals worldwide covering a wide-range of missions and tactical situations in a maritime environment. In 2012 Strategos Training launched our Learning Management System; this system provides an eLearning capability to each of our clients to include; program and course development, eLearning training program management, administrative support and the hosting of the client’s eLearning site.

  •      Strategos Technology Transference

    Often times, great technology was designed in a cubicle, with primary emphasis on the technology and little on the requirements and rigors of operational use. Strategos Technology Transference was established in 2012 to meet the needs of our clients requiring engineering and prototyping related services to allow military implementation of their technology.  “Providing small solutions to big problems” has allowed us opportunity to assist these companies with:


    - CAD design (Solid-works, Rhino)

    - Composite, plastic and metal engineering, tooling and construction

    - Man-machine interface development (ergonomics and functionality)

    - Rapid prototyping services (SLS, SLA)

    - Integration hardware and mechanisms (bracketry, housings and integration  kits)

    - Design refinement and ruggedizing